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Services offered by Transnasional Bus

Transnasional bus is one of the biggest express bus operators in travel industry when we speak about Malaysia and Singapore. It’s also one of the most popular and prominent household brand names in SE Asia region. It provides an extensive range of bus routes with over two hundred different destinations such as Kedah, Johor, KLIA/KLIA2, Kelantan, read more …


Tips for travelers with disabilities

Travel by bus for individual with health issues, disabilities, handicaps or special needs, could be challenging. The following bus travels tips will assist make your travel and trip, whether international or domestic, cheaper, easier and safer.When making travel reservations, request any pushcarts, wheelchair services or any type of other transportation you will need. Fully describe read more …


Why pick bus as a travelingmode while traveling to Penang?

There are countlessdiverse ways in which you can get economical bus travel online. That’s true irrespective of a fact whether you’re looking for aninexpensiveglobal travel or aneconomy domestic bus. In these both cases steps to be taken are same; you should ensure that you get very best possible bus travel either for domestic/international travels. You read more …