How is Jumio capturing the digital market?

httpthesiliconreview (9)Jumio, the designer of Netverify Trusted Identity as a Service, allows companies to increase customer conversions while reducing fraud while offering providing a continuous customer experience. With Jumio Trusted Identity as a Service patrons have a comprehensive identity verification solution which could be tailored to fit their particular necessities of business. Jumio Trusted Identity as a Service combines facial image matching, ID verification, biometric facial recognition, and document verification to make sure physical identity matches real-world identity. Jumio also has verified above 50 million identities issued by more than two hundred countries from real-time mobile and web transactions.

Solutions by Jumio are used by many famous companies in the sharing economy, higher education, financial services, travel, retail and online gaming sectors. Jumio, based in Palo Alto, operates worldwide with offices in the Europe and US and also has been the recipient of many awards for innovation.

Jumio is a leading digital ID verification company these days. Jumio has announced recently that a company has added an ability to conduct facial recognition such as biometric to Netverify®. It makes the digital ID verification solution of this company the best one and that also includes ID verification and Face Match, a 3-pronged approach to KYC process on smart mobile phone devices by approving an identity, in addition to the validity of an individual holding an ID.

Companies these days are challenged to meet rising demand to expand different mobile business, comprising reducing traditional locations or even becoming pure plays. For numerous industries, digital is an exclusive way to expand into different emerging markets. But with that comes an augmented risk of fraud that can be done online. But with Jumio reliable product such as Netverify with biometric recognition allows companies to conduct ID verification associated with a comprehensive identity verification making sure an individual is physically who they say they’re  and have possession of documentation in order to prove it.