How to play your role for the green environment?

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (13)Those are the advantages that help you. However, there is an even bigger global advantage. Traveling by bus is a fuel-efficient means of travel because a bus can talk almost 50 people at once which mean that bus can’t just help you to reduce the traffic pollution but also help you to fix the traffic blockage issue. This might sound surprising till you do detailed calculations. 50 people, traveling in a bus when traveling from Singapore to KL bus get a mileage rating of approximately 350 person-miles for each gallon! A person driving alone in his/her car is lucky to get twenty person-miles for each gallon. That is 12 times more efficient in term of fuel.

In the days when reducing dependence on oil is critical, traveling by customer bus is a huge step forward toward independence of oil. Add for such, more buses are being fueled by a new type of fuel known as biodiesel and they are playing their part in a thegreen environment now. Planning about how you can travel in a bus from Singapore to KL bus is good for the environment as well. When a traveler chooses a bus over driving a vehicle an average of more than 10000 miles each year, the the overall Co2 emission is cut by 4.3 tons each year. CO2 emissions are actually reduced by 85% for passenger-mile.

If you are making that expensive, tiring, inefficient commute to work on daily basis, there might be a smarter, better choice. Find a bus line that is near you. Check out their schedules and routes. Travel in a bus because in that you will able to not just help yourself, but you will also help our economy and help the environment as well. So, try to travel in a bus, not with an intention of saving money but to play your role in a greener, healthy requirement; because if we don’t step forward now, air pollution is soon going to be a huge problem for our world.