Which Is The Ideal Security System For Your Home

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Security is perhaps the first thing we all want to assure not just for our family, but for valuables as well. Luckily, today with the advancement of technology, we have plenty of options in the market to choose from. It’s not just about the price and specifications, and you need to look for few other more important things before buying a home security system.

Here is a quick guide different kinds of security systems.


This is a common feature offered by many of the security companies in Toronto, where an alert gets automatically sent to their call center, in case the alarm gets triggered. They inform the police as soon as they get notification.

The only drawback here is that the alarm can be set off by burglars from outside the home, if they know to handle it. Also it could alter the response time for alerting the call center and police. A CCTV camera along with such a security system can prevent such instances.


This kind of security systems are cheaper and are more likely to alert the neighbors with a loud siren with a higher chance of scaring away the burglars.

Wireless Alarms

These are the most popular and useful security systems in the market because of their use of advanced technology. These are more of a do-it-yourself products without much hassle. You will have the option of securing additional doors / windows of your choice. These security systems also come with infrared interior motion detectors which can alert in case of unusual movements.

These devices are also battery powered so that your family and property are protected even in case of power disruption.

To sum it up, go for a security system that has below features:

  • Burglary, fire or smoke detectors
  • Health emergency protection
  • ADT Yard Sign and Window Decals
  • Door, window and motion detectors

There are many security companies out there, however you need to make sure that you choose the best.